Holding Company for Construction & Development

Projects of Affiliated companies

Projects of Societe Egyptienne d‘Entreprises Moukhtar Ibrahim

Egyptian Rural Development (within the Presidential Initiative-A decent life) Abu Tesht Center-Kena Governorate

Expansions of 6 th of October City water purification plant - (2nd. stage of capacity 400000 m3/day)

Implementation of the housing project of The West of El-Sherouk/ Cairo Governorate ( road works and parking areas for th....

Second Stage of roads (base+binding Asphalt) for outside workers lands (1 st.&2 nd. Zone) Beit El-Watan - New Cairo City

Construction of over fly bridge for cars crossing Shroedah and Algamaa

Implementation of buildings models (D-C-B8-A8-B6-A6) Third Quarter Residential (R3) administrative capital & gathered Sh....

2nd stage of( Motobus - Abu El-Rous -Fowa) highway in Kafr Elsheikh Governorate

Establishment of 41 buildings, model 173 m2/unit, in the third district, in the new city of Ismailia

Design and implementation of a flyover on El Ayyat- Beni Sweif road

Execution of the electricity Network for the lands of Beit home in New Damietta

Establishment of the Third District in New Ismailia

The implementation of the Ring Road and other roads 45 km over land abused in Sadat City length

Construct and implementation of part of the industrial Works, paving part of the reciprocal axis of the road parallel to....

Extension of Sohag Potable Water Purification Plant (West of Sohag) to increase discharge 26000 to 60000 m3/day

Rehabilitation and Extention of Potable water purification plant in Shobra Elkheima (200000 m3/day discharge) and constr....

Double Wastewater complex System from EL-Ameriya pump station to ELKhosos spiral pump station

Hehia & Diarb Negm Water Purification Plant and Potable Water Network

Building of Central Library , Menofeya University

Design and execution works of Potable Water Work for 7 Villages- AL Menya Governorate

Wastewater Disposal for (Sobk Al-Dahak,Kafr Al-Khadra),Qalta Al kobra Samman, Feesha Al Soghra, Kafr Manawahla, Abu Snai....

Wastewater disposal for qouss City

Wastewater Disposal for (Sobk Al-Dahak,Kafr Al-Khadra,Qalta Al kobra, Samman, Feesha Al Soghra, Kafr Manawahla, Abu Snai....

Rehabilitation , Extension wastewater and industerial treatment plant at Bourg Elarab