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Projects of High Dam Electrical and Industrial Projects Co. Hideleco

Establishing (2) towers to operate the mobile station necessary for the electrical supply to agricultural projects in re....

Purchase Order No.(5/2023/2024) to replace the conductors of the remaining part of East Sohag line (New Akhmim)/Saqalta ....

Purchase Order No.(139) for the process of supplying and installing 5 towers 220 KV

Maintenance of the navigation lock gates at the New Assiut Barrage

Implementing medium and low voltage network in the southern region of Mauritania

Purchase Order No. (116) of Direct Order No.(10/2022/2023) - Burj Al Arab Station

The overhead line Malawy/Hawamdia west on Assyout transformer station 11/66/220

Double circuit electric line east of Owainat/Balat 220K.V

Laying cables of Nasr city communication central 3

220 K.V lines for unloading Benban station using thermal conductors

Execution of civil works and installing of under ground cables 30/18 volt in Benban

Supply and installation of the medium voltage network under the irrigation control of Mahmoudiyah

Direct Order No.(14) for Limited Tender No.37/2022/2023

Public Tender No.12/2021/2022

Mostakbal Misr project -New Delta

Direct Order No. 23/2021/2022 Execution of ND2/S1 220 Kv OHTL double circuit, triple conductor (Lot 3

Medium voltage works in Smouha Grand View project

The overhead line Ismailia/ Oyoun Mousa 220 K.V

Presidential initiative of "Decent life" in Aswan

The overhead line Dahshour Elayat/ El Hawamdeya 66 K.V

Raising the efficiency of the electric line from Zahraa Nasr City transformer station to Cairo Electricity District netw....

Electric connection works for Toshka 3 -overhead double circuit line 220 K.V

The overhead line double circuit- South Valley Cement -Naser 66 K.V

lot 3 modification part of electric line of Sidi Kerir Al Ameriya 220 K.V

Toshka /Benban in Aswan line 500 K.V

Lines of Samalot and Al Kuraymat -cairo on El Hawamdeya station 500 K.V

Electric line 220 K.V input and output on transformer station of Marasy

Electric line Tama/Gerga 220 K.V on transforms station of Akhmem lot 2

Line South Qena -Nag Hammadi- Abo Tartor 220 K.V

The overhead line Elshabab-elmolak and Elgaafaria