Holding Company for Construction & Development

New Companies

New Company was established by the Holding Company for Construction& Development:

  1.  National company for Asset Management& Investment (98%)

New Companies established by Subsidiaries:

1. Real Mark Company

  • National company for Asset Management& Investment (55%)
  • El Shams Housing& Development Co. (30%)
  • Alexandria for Investment& Urban Development (15%)

2- Construction& Project Management Consultancy 

  • National company for Asset Management& Investment (80%)
  • Nasr Genral Contracting Co."Hassan Allam" (5%)
  • Societe Egyptienne D’entreprises "Moukhtar Ibrahim" (5%)
  • El Nasr Building & Construction Company "Egyco" (5%)
  • Misr Concrete Development Co. (2.5%)
  • Misr El Takmilaya for specialized contracting (2.5%)

Choose the company from the bottom to view a brief overview :

  • National Company for Asset Management& Investment 

    • In order to increase the volume of work through the exploitation of unused assets, the management of all unused assets of the Holding company and subsidiaries was assigned to the National Company for Asset Management& Investment. The Company will study all the available sites and then start investing with real estate developers, putting into consideration that the implementation will be through affiliated contracting companies. This will not be limited to the Holding company and its subsidiaries, but will extend to other Holding companies that own unused assets.

    • In order to achieve its goals, the company established new companies: Marketing company, Project management company. The Marketing company is responsible for taking all the marketing decisions, as well as directing all stages of marketing and sales. On the other hand, the Project management company ensures the projects management according to the highest quality standards.

  • Real Mark

    • Based on the vision and strategy of the Holding Company for Construction and Development in real estate sector, to support the Housing affiliated companies to reach leadership in the real estate investment market and achieve optimal utilization of the owned lands.

    • Real Mark company was established with joint capital between the Housing affiliated companies and the National Company for Asset Management and Investment.

  • Construction& Project Management Consultancy 

    • The company was established to assist subsidiaries in the management of major projects. It applies the latest international project management systems and focuses on competencies to expand the project management culture among all employees in subsidiaries. The company is carrying out the management of some projects such as the New Administrative Capital projects, the World Bank projects implemented by the Holding Company for Water and Waste Water, Bayt El Watan Project, in addition to other housing projects.