Description of the project

Hehia & Diarb Negm Water Purification Plant and Potable Water Network

*Potable water network.
*Poly Ethelin pipelines of 200& 500mm 79.7 km length
*GRP, R.C Pipelines 600:1400 mm and 19.24,12.48 km length
Crossings :
*upper crossings.
*10 drain crossings.
*Steel crossing 1200mm dia, 22m length.
*Crossing under Hehia railway 42m length by hydraulic tunnel system through RC sleeve 2400 mm dia. To pass pipeline 800 mm dia.
Potable Water Treatment Plant discharge 400 L/sec: 1200 L/sec.
*7 elevated tanks 

Details of the project

Client :National Authority for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage
Activity :Utilities
Location :Hehia and Dyarb Negm
Project Status :In Progress