Description of the project

Rehabilitation , Extension wastewater and industerial treatment plant at Bourg Elarab

* Gravity Pipeline 1000 mm dia., 4.5 km length From wastewater Treatment plant to pump station at Km 34.5 using R.C pipeline . * Pressurized Pipeline Prestressed R.C 1000 mm dia. , 10.5 km length . * Aerators * Construct 6 oxidation ponds basins (3 industrial wastewater disposal, 3 housing wastewater disposal)including 800mm cast Iron pipelines Connections and Valves Rooms * Wastewater disposal 18 basins in pump station (9 housing basins , 9 industrial basins) . * Rehabilitation of all the existing administration buildings including mechanical & electrical installations.

Details of the project

Client :Bourg El-Arab Development Organization
Activity :Utilities
Location :Borg El Arab
Project Status :In Progress