Description of the project

Wastewater Disposal for (Sobk Al-Dahak,Kafr Al-Khadra,Qalta Al kobra, Samman, Feesha Al Soghra, Kafr Manawahla, Abu Snaita and Bahnay,Koam El Dabe, Meet Al Beida,El-Khadra) - El Bagoor - Menoufya

Gravity Networks: * VC piplines from 12" to 24" dia. with total length 25 km. +UPVC pipelines of dia 7": 10" and length 3 km *UPVC pipelines dia 150 :400 and length 1.6km *Pressurized pipelines in Sobk Al-Dahak & Kafr El-Khadra from PE pipelines dia 200:300 mm and length 2.7 km Pump Stations: * Three Secondary in Sobk Al-Dahak * Two Main in Kafr Al-Khadra . Discharge from 600:30000m3/day * one wastwater Treatment plants in Sobk Al-Dahak & Kafr El-Khadra of discharge 6000 m3/day each *crossings - 2 pipe jacking crossings cultivate RC of dia 1500,1800 mm to pass DI of dia 150:600 mm with length 72 m . -6 open cut excavations crossing DI of dia 250 :600 and length 318.4 m

Details of the project

Client :National Authority for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage
Activity :Utilities
Location :
Project Status :In Progress