Description of the project

Construction and Execution of the pumping station & pipes network needed for irrigation of the Intake No. 16 , km no. 58.800 from Al Sheikh Jaber Elsabbah Canal, fourth area , North Sinai Governorate.

Design , supply, installation , construction and testing of the lifting pump station on the left side of Al Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah canal, at kilometer 58.800 , the total area of the Intake 13652 acres. The northern border of the region is Bardawil Lake and Al Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah canal is bordered on the south & the western border of the region is the entrance of Rabaa region and the eastern border is Intake No. 18. Supply and installation of the main pipelines of the irrigation network taking from the pump station with length 39000 m.L. Construction of temporary roads & bridges with total length 45km. Excavation & Filling Soil works, 350000 m3 Bridges pitching works , 40000 m3 Base Layer , 460000 m2 Reinforced concrete for the lifting pump station & chambers,4000 m3 • Mechanical works of the lifting pump station.

Details of the project

Client :The National Org. for potable water & Sanitary Drainage
Activity :Utilities
Location : North of Sinaa
Project Status :In Progress