Description of the project

Water Supply Projects of 240 Deprived Villages at Beheira, Monufia and Gharbia Governorates . (Under Construction)

The Project contains the following: - G.R.P & H.D.P.E & U.P.V.C Water Pipelines with dia. 100 mm to 800 mm , 1450 km length. - 2 no. Water Treatment Plants with capacity of 30 L/sec. - Iron and Manganese removal Plants for artesian water wells (41 no.) with capacity from 25 to 125 L/sec. - Elevated water tanks with capacity from 100 to 1000 m3 (48 tanks). - 2 no. water pumping stations at Wadi el natroun & Abo ALmatameer

Details of the project

Client :The National Org. for potable water & Sanitary Drainage
Activity :Utilities
Location :Beheira
Project Status :In Progress